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世界初「充電」で参加するスポーツアプリ。「PLUG-IN Championship」は、スマートフォンを充電する際に、電源に接続するというアクションを、タイミングによってスコア化し、他のユーザーとスコアを競い合うスポーツアプリ。スマートフォンを電源に接続すると、その爽快感を増幅する様々な映像が再生される。


Prius PHV is an electric chargeable hybrid car developed by Toyota, Inc.
It brought a new style in Eco-driving, fuel efficiency improvement, and flexibility for Energy systems.
It changes the concept of charging: from "Must -charge for use" to "Better -charge for good."
"PLUG-IN Championship" brings a new experience of "Fun to Charge" as "PLUG-IN ENTERTAINMENT".
Your daily charging life will change more proactive and fun by using this application. Please try and enjoy it.

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